Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reading news and fun!

I've been thinking about all the kids in Zambia and the difference LWS made through in their lives through our donations to the A to Z Literacy Movement.  If your parents are on facebook, ask them to like A to Z, okay?  If they do, you can see pictures from Mal's trip. 

Last week, I found the coolest website  It's like FreeRice but it gives books.  All you have to do is sign-up (with mom or dad's help and permission), select a campaign, and each time you read a book, the foundation GIVES a book to a child or a school in need.

Seriously, it's that easy.  I've read over fifty books so far.  I decided to give books to the Chicago Public Schools, but there are other charities to choose from.

Go to www.wegivebooks.org and start reading! It's another way to help kids here, near and far!


  1. Awesome video! I'll try to go to the website. It sounds cool. I have gone to science camp. Nice to talk to you again. Charlie

  2. That was really cool.
    I know I'll keep reading!!!!!

  3. Hi you two! I read so many books, I won a T-shirt! With all this rain and the cold I've had since school let out, I've had lots of quiet time...


  4. I wonder what teachers we are going to have for 5th grade.

  5. wow you put up more things about and wow i havent seen you for a whille. brittany

  6. Brittany, I'll miss seeing you when school starts again!

  7. ya but i am glad because i found out that trinity is in your class! Brittany

  8. Hi Miss Stewart!!!! I hope your having a great summer. I had to go see the movie Winnie the Pooh because you read us the book, it was a really cute movie I am glad I went!

  9. Brittany, the classes are still being worked on, but you know I'd love to have your sister!

    Maddie, I'm so glad you saw the movie. WTP is classic!

    Just for that, I may start the year reading it outloud!

  10. That's so cute!
    I really miss being in your class.


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