Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello Again Sydney

Miss Stewart posted photos of us below, and here's what we did and learned on our first day:
We spent a lot of time organizing school supplies
In P.E. we started a unit called "The Presidential Fitness Test"
We found out specials are longer
We made cards for you
We read a little bit
Lunch recess was inside because it rained
We missed the bell assembly because of the rain (so listen for it tomorrow!)
Lunch is at 12:30
We learned we can pretty much snack whenever we want
At the end of the day we played Cat and Mouse and Silent Ball
Tomorrow we start math
Tomorrow we have music AND art

Love, your 4S classmates  :)

Can you tell what's happening in each photo?


  1. Hi Sydney! This is Olivia V! I just found out that we have the same teacher - Miss Stewart! I'm so excited about that. She is really nice. I can't wait until you are all better so we can see each other in class. See you soon...bye!

  2. hey it is trinity s! miss u a lot!!!! see u today at school!!!!

    see u at school

  3. It was funny when Brian did the silly scared face! Ha!!!!! Hannah


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