Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to Post a Blog Comment!

  • Go to the bottom of the post you'd like to comment on, and click "comment."
  • Write your thoughts in the comment box.
  • If your parents have an I.D., they may use that or have you use it.  (If you don't know what that means, no worries.)
  • Or, click on "Name/URL" and type only your first name.
  • Or, click on "Anonymous," but make sure your name is in the body of the comment.
If you want to see older posts, click on "older post" at the bottom of the current post.

If there is a certain subject you'd like to look for, go along the right side and look for the labels, click on one and it will list all the posts with that label!


  1. Ha ha ha Im commenting on how to comment!!

  2. im so glad to have you as a teacher i hope this is going to be a good year from zoe kramer

  3. I Love the book we're reading in class but I prefer mysteries.

    Denver Heneghan

  4. so far my chickens laid 2 eggs today.

    Denver Heneghan


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