Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ring that Bell!


  1. It was a bummer it rained on the first day of school.


  2. Too bad it rained on the first day of school. Hannah

  3. Wow... looking at the pictures from the first day of school all of the way to our finished Illinois reports. I am so proud of my Illinois report! Thank you so much for doing that. It is really constructive for us to learn how to study and take responsibility. I miss being in your class, but I am grateful that I get to see you on some Fridays for student council.
    -A former 4S'er
    Matthew Franzen

  4. I remember that. The year went by so fast. :)

  5. That's because in your short life, it was a loooong time ago!

    I hope your new school is treating you well!


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