Friday, September 9, 2011


Eleven 4Sers stood up today and conquered their nervousness 
as they spoke and asked to be elected to student council.
Only four could be "winners."
But I'm finding as I reflect on this tonight,
that all eleven are winners--I'm proud of you all.
I'm certain the reps you voted for will serve our class well, 
but you, all of you, are true winners.
I'm blessed to have you as my students.
And for all who voted, you had to make a hard decision, and I'm proud of you to.
Here's a to a serve the school kind of year!


  1. I was so nervous. I have never done that in my whole life! and when matthew did it looked like he was out of breath. olivia.v

  2. Hey I saw that Olivia!


  3. I am so happy that Miss Stewart is my teacher.


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