Monday, September 26, 2011

An Easy Way to Do Something Good

Have you ever visited Free Rice?
I hope to go there when we go to the computer lab, but until then check it out.
It's a site on which you may practice your math facts skills and your vocabulary skills, and for each right answer, you earn 10 grains of rice that gets shared with someone hungry somewhere in the world.
Click on this link or go to the side of the blog here and click on the Free Rice picture. It always stays there for you to use.
(Ask your parents permission first, but I promise it is a safe site!)


  1. I just donated over 2000 grains of rice on Free Rice.

  2. Now i am at 2390.

  3. Matthew, that is wonderful!

    That's almost a bowl full of rice!

  4. i am go to try the rice game. I hope to earn a lot of rice for the people that have very little food.
    Trinity Stern

  5. I fun game to play to help others. Lila


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