Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

I have a friend whose son died.
His name was Jack, and he was 12.
Two weeks ago, he was playing in his friend's backyard.
He slipped into a rain swollen creek and drowned.

I have been very sad for my friend.
I haven't known what to do to help her.

It turns out though that Jack's favorite charity was 
Operation Christmas Child.
Last year, my class put together three boxes for this great charity.
This year, in honor of Jack, I hope this year we can do more.

Then I will write to his mom to tell her.

We aren't going to work on this until later in October, 
but she'll still be missing Jack then (and always), so she will want to know.

We'll be giving to kids far away and we'll be giving to a family who is missing their son and brother.
That's important, don't you agree?

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