Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Read a Book. Give a Book.

I wrote about this site over the summer when I found it, but since you all weren't looking at the blog then, I'm sharing it again.

To use this site, at least the first time, you will need a parent's help.

It is  Each time you read a book on the site, they will give a book to a child/school/program in need.  You have to choose a campaign so they will know where to send your books.

It's a pretty amazing place doing some pretty amazing stuff to help kids with less access to books than we have.  There are some really good picture books, non-fiction books, and others on there.  I have read almost all of them!  I love visiting with old friends like Max and Ruby, Corduroy, and learning new things about schools around the world and bike tricks.

Spend some time here, spend some time on Free Rice, and YOU could change the world!


  1. this is fun i like it

  2. All signed up and ready to enjoy a good book!

  3. read my first book. lila

  4. i can not wait to do a little book report on a book just like the candy corn olivia v.


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