Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Running for Student Council

      We're going to have our speeches and poster sharing this Friday to elect our student council 4S reps.  There will be four from our class. Since fourth graders are new to the idea of student council, we collected some ideas today about what we think would make a good class rep.
  • Students who care about many things.
  • Students who can make important things fun.
  • Students who are respectful of teachers, adults and other students.
  • Students who are not afraid to speak up (we say the pledge!)
  • Students who can be at the Friday morning meetings
  • Students who can come up with good ideas!
  • Students who are responsible.
     Student council reps say the pledge, empty juice pouches, share ideas with the council and their class, make posters for Wacky Wednesdays, help with flower sales after school, and work on other service projects.  Meetings are on many Fridays @ 8:15.  Attendance is mandatory unless you're sick.
     To be considered for student council, you must make a poster.  Paper will go home today.  On the poster, list you name, make an illustration, and think about listing why you'd be good as a rep for 4S.  No gifts may be given to classmates to influence votes!
     You also will have to make a short speech this Friday telling the class why they should vote for you.  It's important to get up and talk to the whole class.
     As a voter, you will get to decide who would be best to represent our class.  This is an important decision.

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