Tuesday, June 5, 2012

With Gratitude

We would like to thank all our 4S parents for our support and love throughout the year.
We really appreciate the help you provided to help make ours a successful year.

Thank you to Ian H.'s mom for being such a fun art appreciation parent.

Thank you to Jake's mom, Nicholas' mom, Dylan's parents, Ian K.'s mom, Matthews' mom, Ian H.'s mom, Jenny's mom, and Alyssa's mom for party help!

Also, we couldn't have gone to FMSC without:  Nicholas' mom, Lila's mom, Dylan's mom, Hannah's dad, Ian K.'s mom, Matthew's mom, Ryan's mom, and Ian H.'s mom.  You are appreciated!

Thank you to Landon's mom for her story telling time today.
And thank you to the folks who want to walk with us to our picnic tomorrow!

Each and everyone of you matters in ways that cannot be measured.  If we missed anyone on this list, our memories are faulty.  We love you in spite of ourselves!
With love,

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