Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome to the Revised 4S

Wow, in all the years I've been teaching, this hasn't happened to my grade level before.  A new teacher added just days before the school year begins!  Lots of changes made--and I think it's okay if you check PowerSchool.

Before I got to know my class, some kids were moved in and many more were moved out, and there was a whole lot of switching going on.  Exciting stuff!  Confusing stuff?

Anyway...WELCOME TO 4S! 

I'll be spending the next few days getting our room ready.  Then on Thursday, Friday, and the following Monday, teachers have meetings--many meetings!  We'll all be ready and waiting for you on Tuesday, August 21 though.

If you don't know me, maybe the photo below this post (scroll down...) will help you recognize me.  My hair is shorter now, but other than that I look pretty much the same.  I'll also be holding a sign that reads, "Miss Stewart," so even in that crowd I don't think you can miss our line.  (The bald man will NOT be with me!)

We'll spend the day getting organized, it takes a while, but it's always good to get all our stuff labeled and put in the right spot.  Speaking of labeling, find a way to mark every pen, pencil, marker and crayon you bring with your name or something that identifies it as yours.  The whole year will be smooth for you if you do!

Do bring all your supplies on that first day--if there's something in particular you can't find in the stores, keep looking.  Nothing too weird on our supply list in fourth grade, it's all out there!  (Feel free to leave a comment on this post with any questions you have, or email me at my school email.  Okay?)

One mistake kids make each year, your binder dividers must have pockets.  You'll be storing lots of papers in those pockets!

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you.  When you get to know me, you'll see my expectations for you are high, but I know you can meet them.  You will grow in fourth grade in ways you can't begin to imagine right now!

And on that note, I'm going to leave you with something I saw on the internet that made me laugh...
Uh oh, now I can't get that song out of my head!

Love, Miss Stewart


  1. Hi Miss Stewart,
    You have another Miller girl this year! Look forward to seeing you again. Would you like some extra dry erase markers? We have several that came home from school last year. They are all in good working condition but not all have the correct matching color cap...Let us know. Thanks! Lori Miller

  2. As in Emily Miller's sister?

    I'd love some dry erase markers with any caps!



  3. Perfect weather for the first day of school.

  4. Testing testing one two three!! It worked!!

    1. what do you mean about "Testing testing 1,2,3.It worked!?!

  5. Yes, it did. I changed nothing from last night, so hopefully more kids have success!

  6. I miss being in 4th grade! :(

  7. Me too!!!!!
    From Olivia Vani (last years student)


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