Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Germy Apples and a Thank You

Last Tuesday, I sliced up an apple.  One slice went straight into a jar, and the other slice was passed around the room and touched by each student in 4S.  We've been talking about germs and the importance of good hand washing.

Exactly one week later, here are the slices:
Moms and dads, can you guess which one was touched by each child?  If you picked this one:
You are right!

So 4S kiddos, keep washing those hands a few times a day, definitely after you use the bathroom, and I suggest you do so before lunch, too!

Changing lanes here...

2Sm was quite noisy coming past our door one day when we were working hard.  Mrs. Smith said she wanted to write apology notes to us, but instead she waited a while and had her kids make this:
I have to say it's the biggest "we're sorry" and "how are we doing now" card I've ever seen! 
Sorry I cut some of the words off.  They want to know how they're doing now.  Hm...2Sm is doing so well in the halls we NEVER know they're there!  Yay 2Sm!!


  1. That test was so awsome.

    Denver Heneghan

  2. yeah! I didn't know that the mold could grow that quickly!
    - Grace

  3. I saw this on your class while subbing a d I thought it was a great idea!! So I decided to do this in Kids Club today!!

  4. Cool pictures! I was just telling my mom about the moldy apples, and told her that is the power of germs. She asked why one of the apples wasn't moldy, and I told her that was the one not touched by us.
    Ryan Barth

  5. Mold,mold,and more mold!Sheesh!

  6. Hey Miss Stewart, long time no see(talk). 6th grade already! I hope your haveing fun with your new kids!

    Miss you tons -Jamin(love you♥)

  7. That test was so awsome.

    Denver Heneghan

  8. Excellent concrete example for the kids to see how germy our hands often are!!


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