Thursday, October 25, 2012

Operation Christmas Child Girl List

The 4S girls brainstormed this list together.
Please leave a specific comment indicating what you have purchased, and I will line it out or add a tally on the list!
I also encourage you to read the comments in case there's something that wasn't on this list!
Gifts should be sent in during the week of November 5-9th.
Thank you!

  • socks
  • flip flops--two pair purchased
  • toothbrush--8 purchased
  • toothpaste--6 purchased
  • sunglasses--one purchased
  • gum--one purchased
  • headband--10 purchased
  • stuffed animals--2 sock monkeys purchased
  • hair brush--three purchased
  • markers
  • scissors
  • crayons--2 boxes purchased
  • colored pencils (with a sharpener)
  • pencils (with a sharpener)
  • soap (bar)--10 bars purchased (for class)
  • washcloth
  • chapstick--8 purchased
  • ball
  • jump rope--four purchased
  • mini-tissues
  • stickers--2 puchased
  • nylon drawstring backpack
  • slinky
  • post its
  • toy car
  • dolls
  • band-aids 1 purchased
  • gloves
  • hat
  • Barbies
  • Rubic's cube
  • pony tail holders
  • shirt
  • hair clips-1 purchased
  • coloring book--1 purchased
  • pillow?
  • erasers
  • calendar
  • pens
  • stamps
  • stamp pads
  • Lego
  • bag
  • toy microphone
  • dental floss
  • yo-yo's
  • flashlight with batteries
  • index cards
  • paints
  • flashcards
  • journal
  • jewelry 
  • a package of ten combs has been purchased


  1. i got 10 headbands,1 coloring book with stickers inside,1 hair brush,1 packedge of toothpaste,1 toothbrush,4 packedges of crayons,2 sock monkeys,a packedge of hair clips(12),lip balm(8),i packedge of gum,i packedge of hairties(20)

  2. Nice job, Abby!! I got 5 small sticker books today; some can be for boys and some can be for girls.

  3. Wow Abby and Miss Case! I have made note of your purchases on the lists. We're off to a generous start! <3

  4. I bought 6 little zipped bags of toothbrushes and a little tube of toothpaste and 2 of them come with stickers. I also got a pack of 10 combs and a big package of 10 bars of soap and now, my cat, Clover is climbing on my amp and guitar! So funny!

  5. Megan: NICE!

    Keep practicing, you can play your guitar at the fifth grade talent show...

  6. Yesterday I checked out the dollar section at Target and found some good stuff. I got 3 shaped wooden puzzles, 7 small notebooks, 5 small containers of fun dough, a watercolor set, and two paddle balls. I also got 6 pack play packs. Each one includes some crayons or markers, a coloring book, and stickers. I'm looking forward to packing the boxes!

  7. Wow, I don't even know if I can mark any of that off the lists! Isn't it fun shopping for the boxes?

  8. HI miss Stewart!
    I just bought 1 pack of 5 mechanical pencils, 5 journals, a pack of ten AAA batteries, 5 slinkies and 8 mini tissue packages.
    Can't wait to pack the boxes!

    - Grace

  9. Hi Miss Stewart,

    Sarah picked up a pkge of 8 AAA batteries, 1 box of Alphabet flashcards, 1 box of Hello Kitty Band Aids and a Pencil set with eraser tops and a sharpener was included. She will bring in some more this week.

    Mrs. Stasell

  10. Guss what! I got two tooth brushs,one pacet of tooth past,12 soups,1 small bottle of shampoo and condishier,and 1 or more small bottles of loushin.

    Denver heneghan

  11. oops I spelled conditoner wrong.

    Denver Heneghan

  12. oops I spelled conditioner wrong.

    Denver Heneghan


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