Thursday, February 21, 2013

Third Quarter Indpendent Reading Plan AKA Yellow Packet

            Some kids in 4S have achieved their goals of reading for the first 2 quarters.  They have earned the opportunity to work on a different reading plan for the 3rd Quarter to open their variety of books that they probably would not choose.    
            The categories are -
  • a "chance bucket" book (followed by a letter to the person who shared it)
  • a mom or dad suggestion (a favorite from his/her childhood)
  • a Beverly Cleary (non-Ramona) book
  • a biography about a non athlete
  • one of Miss Stewart's son's childhood favorites
  • a Mrs.Wolfard suggestion
  • a Betsy Byars novel
  • a (non- Disney) Cinderella story
  • a book one of your former teachers read aloud
  • a nonfiction book about another country
  • an historical fiction book
               Kids reading on this plan keep working on the list until the quarter ends. Our favorite category is the chance bucket so far.  We are both currently reading our picks, Harriet the Spy and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.
                                                       Ryan and Abby

If you'd like to see reviews of some of these books, please check the class book blog.  
The link is to the right of this post.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I have to think of more things for you all to write about. You're much more interesting than I am!

    Keep reading :)


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